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Historical background

Yaroslavsky shipyard was founded in 1920 and over the years of its existence has made a significant contribution to providing of the country with miscellaneous ships and vessels. In 1993 the entity was reorganized into an open joint-stock company, has passed the way from a small boatbuilding yard to the modern plant building vessels of different classes and types with displacement of up to 2500 tons.

In the pre-war years the shipyard produced river and sea roadstead, diving, mail, fire boats and gliders.

In 19411945 the shipyard fielded the boats equipped with rocket launchers «Katyusha». The boats committed as part of the Volga, Dnepropetrovsk and Danube flotillas. For its contribution to the victory the shipyard in 1985 was awarded the Order of the Patriotic war of the first degree.

Since the mid 50-ies the shipyard, along with construction of vessels and boats on the orders of the Russian ship owners, delivered boats for export carrying out the full scope of works from the moment of the beginning of construction till the moment of orders completion and their warranty service with training of crews.

In the period of 19571960 the shipyard delivered to India, Guinea, Somalia, Ghana, Vietnam, Algeria and Yemen 20 units of border patrol boats of the project П368 and 368П. The boat had displacement of 89 tons, main dimensions 29.6 x 5,99 m, capacity of the ME 2х1200 HP., speed of 21 knots.

In 19631965, the shipyard made export supplies of torpedo motor boats of the project 206. Deliveries were made to the Arab Republic of Egypt, the German Democratic Republic, Yugoslavia, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Cuba. The boat had a displacement of 152 tons, dimensions of 34 x 6.7 m, three high-speed diesel engines 4000 HP each., speed — 47 knots.

In addition, a series of river push tug boats of the project 433А (16m x 3,8m, 30 tons, 150 h.p.) meant for construction of the dam of Aswan hydro power station was supplied to the Arab Rebublic of Egypt.

In the 80’s for Poland and Bulgaria there were built sea rescue tugs of the project 1454 (58,3M x 12,6m, 1670 tons, capacity 3000 h.p.).

In the period from 1989 to 1991 the shipyard built and supplied five small antisubmarine ships of the project 1241ПЭ, 4 of them to India and one to Cuba. The basic characteristics of the ships: tonnage of 495 t, dimensions 57,5x10,4m, capacity of the power plant consisting of two diesel-geared units — 20 thousand HP., speed — 2830 knots.

In 199091 the shipyard built and supplied to Romania two large missile boats of the project 1241РЭ with the following main characteristics: displacement — 455 tons, main dimensions 56,1m x 10,2m, output of the combined gas-turbine power plant 23 thousand kW, speed 43 knots.

In 2004, there were supplied to Angola two boats of the project 12260 «Yastreb».

From 2001 to 2005  there were delivered to the customers from Sweden and the Netherlands 12 hulls of the  tugs and customs boats built under the supervision of LRS and  BV and also  the hull of the  32-meter yacht was built.

Since 1972, the shipyard has built:

20 ships of the project 12412 in the version of motor patrol craft for the Federal Customs Service; the latter was supplied in 1988;

2 border guard cruisers project 1241PE, the latter was supplied in 1997;

8 border guard cruisers project 10410 for the Russian Patrol Service, the latter is in compliance in 2012;

Air cushion border patrol boat “Chilim” project 20910 for the Russian Patrol Service;

3 air cushion customs “Mercury” project 14232; the lattert was transferred to the customer in December 2006;

patrol boat “Yastreb” project 12260 (the lead ship was commissioned in 1997);

7 boats of the project K-56.

For a long time the shipyard was the only Russian builder of sea rescue tugs with capacity of 3000 HP. There were consigned to the customers 41 units of the project 745 and 34 units of the 1454 (project 745 in the civil version).

In September 2006, the last tug of  the project 745 of construction of Yaroslavsky shipyard was supplied to the  North-Eastern boundary agency of the  coast guard of  Russia. Having overcome the way from the Volga to the city of Petropavlovsk — Kamchatsky and  having passed three oceans and nine  seas whereof the passage of the  Northern route took only 18 days.

The major part of civil vessels built by the shipyard are medium-sized freezer trawlers projects 502, (built since 60’s) and 503 (the beginning of construction — 1971) with different ways of fishing, freezing and fishing equipment for fishing with trawl and longline, as well as for crabbing with traps and transporting them alive, for the processing of fish with subsequent freezing in blocks, preparation of minced fish or fillets, production of canned cod liver and crab claws frozen after boiling. The total number of seiner-trawlers projects 502, 503 and freezing trawlers project 503М (the beginning of construction — 1992), built at our shipyard exceeds 130 units.

For the structures of OJSC “Gazprom” there were built two petrol carriers project 14891: the first was commissioned in 1997 and at the customer’s request was converted into modification «tanker + sweeper», the second delivered to the customer in 2006.

The shipyard astered  construction of a new type of modern exclusive  river motor yachts-catamarans. Already in 2008, there was launched the first such-like  vessel which received the name «Otrada», in 2010 from the  building berths of the plant  there was launched upgraded and improved  acht «Bylina», and in 2012 the third  yacht «Zabava». At present the shipyard is building the fourth motor yacht of this type. This quite unique project received approval and public recognition.

In 2009, under the contracts with Norwegian customers there was completed construction of two seiners of various modifications and their four hulls, there was supplied to the customer — FSI «Land improvement and agricultural water supply for the Volgograd region department» — the floating pumping station project 08643, design and construction of which was completed by the shipyard in 20082009.

In the same year the shipyard started construction of the lead sea diving vessel project SDS08 for the FSI «Directorate of the state customer for marine transport development programs» and has concluded the state contract for construction of 2 more vessels of the same project.

In 2010,  there was delivered to the customer  the lead sea diving vessel  project SDS08, and in 20112012 there were  successfully supplied  to the customer three more vessels of this project.

In 2011, the state contracts have been concluded for the construction of two high-speed boats «Yastreb» project 12260 f, six buoyage vessels , three boats project 21820.

In 2012 the high-speed boats project12260 were successfully  handed over to the customer and the state contracts have been concluded for construction of two high-speed boats of the same project. In 2012, there was concluded the state contract for construction of three bunkering tankers project RT18.

In the end of 2012, the contract for construction of two high-speed piloting boats project 14172 “Terrier” for the Public Service of sea and river transport of Turkmenistan was successfully completed.

Since 2010 the OJSC “Yaroslavsky Shipyard” participates actively in execution of the target program “Development of transport system of Russia”. To increase the reliability and safety of operation of inland waterways and navigable hydraulic engineering constructions it outlines the priority activities at choosing of which there are used lists of works presented by the state basin departments of waterways and navigation and by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Moscow Canal”. The first order received by the OJSC “Yaroslavsky Shipyard” in the framework of this subprogram was the manufacture of the valve shutter for the gateway lock of Uglich. For the first time at the plant there was made metal construction with overall dimensions of 34 x 9 x 1.8 m, consisting of the panel weighing 160 tons and two sectors weighing 11 tons each.

Further there were manufactured metal constructions for hydrosystems Faustovo, Severka, Andreevka, Trudcommuna, Rybinsk. The total weight of metal structures is almost 2000 tons. At the present time there is concluded the contract for manufacturing of segment and slide gates for Kuzminsky hydrosystem. The total weight of metal structures makes more than 1300 tons.       

Yaroslavsky shipbuilding plant which for more than 90 years carries out construction of vessels today is a modern and stable enterprise that produces competitive products under the latest projects in common terms and with quality corresponding to the best European equivalents. The shipyard has great potential and built-up concept of development, implementation of which has already started and continues steadily.