png 06.11.2017

The boat “Yarlavets-M” was awarded the Diploma “100 best goods of Russia”

On November 16, 2017, within the framework of the scientific and practical conference “Quality Management: Development at the Present Stage” held in Yaroslavl and dedicated to the World Quality Day, Yaroslavl Shipbuilding Plant PJSC was awarded the Diploma for the multipurpose boat of the Project 02220 Yaroslavets-M All-Russian competition “100 best goods of Russia”.

 In a solemn ceremony the Diploma was presented to the chief designer of the boat, Leonid Shakhnovich. He especially noted that the mass-produced and widely used boat in our country of the project 376 “Yaroslavtsy” became a real brand for domestic sailors and riverman. We built the headboat of the updated project 02220 “Yaroslavtsy-M”, which is now successfully operated in Murmansk. Having felt a noticeable demand, we pawned several other boats of Project 02220 “Yaroslavtsy-M”.


The project of the boat 02220 “Yaroslavets – M” was developed in 2015 by specialists of PJSC “Yaroslavl Shipbuilding Plant” to the 95th anniversary of the enterprise and is a modern modification of the famous boat of the project 376 “Yaroslavtsy”. Boat performance has improved markedly.

At the same time, its advantage, such as the possibility of delivering the boat by rail, has been preserved. “Yaroslavtsy – M” meets the most stringent modern requirements for comfort and habitability. He has a large cabin with a corner sofa and a galley corner, an extra bathroom and shower for the crew, and a luxury cabin with a private bath and shower.

The boat fully corresponds to its name, since it was designed and built by Yaroslavl shipbuilders and equipped with a domestic – Yaroslavl – engine – YaMZ-238R.